Saturday, July 18, 2009

The yearly reckoning

It was that time of the year again. I had sort of figured it out ,what with the weather being ominous (clouds, rains and thunder) and the whispering parents who would cast occasional glances my way while talking but clam up if they felt I could hear them.When mom and dad spell stuff, it can never be good.

I was not sure of the exact date though or I would have feigned illness. (Then again, I would have had to stop eating for that, so maybe it is all for the best.) To get back to the day , HE came today. I do not mean God, but the devil. Yes, the V.E.T. Mostly he comes for Simba and I just enjoy barking at him. This time it was my turn to get poked with those sharp needles. The parents keep telling me it is for my good and I do not want to upset them. So, I have not yet bitten the devil. nothing can stop me from letting him know that I do not like him and I know my growling does it too. Just today, I heard him express relief that I do not fall sick! (mom touched wood.. I wish it had been his block head)

The good thing - I heard them say it is done for a year. Also, I get some treats when the V.E.T. leaves. So it is not all bad. You win some and lose some. I am waiting for the day the V.E.T. loses some skin to some poor unsuspecting dog!!!

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