Monday, July 20, 2009

Pet peeves

My favourite spot - the kitchen! aah, the smells, they are to die for....

Isn't it interesting that humans seem to believe that we are OK with just two meals, while they can munch at whatever, when ever.... Don't get me wrong. I love my humans, but this is one of my peeves. When we ask for the occasional snack we are packed off with cries of 'no begging'. Hey, if I could reach the snacks myself, i would never bother anyone. But they are kept in places and containers that challenge the best dog brains and skills. I have, at times, managed to beat the system only to be rebuked for stealing. That is unfair. When they pop stuff into their mouths....

Oh, I am very grateful for all we get and the love too... but just thought I'd bring this up and see if anyone else thinks this way. thanks for paying attention. love..Elsa

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