Monday, July 27, 2009

Coming unstuck

Last night was very interesting. At about two in the morning, I was surprised to see Dad shaking Mom awake. They both walked out to the balcony and made noises that sounded like they were distressed. I walked out to see what all the fuss was about. I saw nothing that I had not seen an hour before. There were the rose bushes looking beautiful as usual, the jasmine smelling as strong as ever and Simba seeming as dumb as usual, stuck in the balustrade (that is not usual, but his stupidity is). The front of his body was in the balcony while his backside was on the ledge beyond. He could not have been too uncomfortable, but he was unable to move. It seemed more like a reason to celebrate than get upset about, which is why I had not alerted them in the first place.This way he could not get into more mischief.

Mom and dad tried to coax him out the tried to pull him back. Dad climbed on to the outer ledge and tried that and eventually they even woke up Sidhant, my human bro. After about 15 minutes, I saw mom walk out with a screw driver and hammer. from where I was lying, it seemed like a great idea to just beat simba's huge head and fill in the air gaps with some dented bones. Mom had other ideas though, and she just chiseled away at the baluster. So here she was at 2 in the morning chipping away at her own home.

I guess persistence pays and he did get out. I do not think he has learnt anything from this. I hope they leave him there the next time... at least till sunrise. After all sleep is precious!

Here is a picture of the balustrade!!

Till Simba gets into more jams,


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