Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whose line is it anyway...

Have you ever listened to human beings? If you have a group of ten humans, you'll hear at least a couple of languages. When she wants me somewhere, my mom sometimes says 'come here', sometimes it is 'anga yo' . I've even heard her say 'Ikde ye' to some and 'idhar aana' to others. Occasionally, she even says 'ivude vaa' ; all of these meaning 'come here'.

The funny thing is all humans expect us to understand all they say in all these languages. I have half a dozen people talking to me in as many languages! (In fact I hear them talking like this only to us, and at times to human babies. What's that deal? ) . You know what is even more astounding? WE, IE, most animals actually do understand and respond. I have even heard moms and dad's thoughts. If you read the previous post about Brutus (He's drool worthy!), you'll know that we even follow non-verbal commands that might be difficult even for humans to decipher.

All this makes me wonder, it is humans who argue about languages and have trouble understanding one another, leave alone us. They are the ones who seem to have problems expressing even basic emotions like love, so WHY ARE WE CALLED DUMB ANIMALS???

Can I have some answers? Any language will do! Elsa.

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